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my approach

I'll make sure you love what you see in the mirror when it's time, but before that, you can also expect:

  • a smooth & convenient booking process

  • timely communication

  • detailed service prep guides 

  • clean & sanitary tools and products

Weddings can be an emotional rollercoaster, so whether you need a hype girl or calm presence, I'm always ready to switch gears!

bridal makeup and hair hamilton

Treating you like a bride long before the big day.

one wedding per day

I pour so much love and energy into my work, so I limit the quantity to maintain the quality.

By only committing to one booking a day, this also means I can be more flexible with adjusting the start time of services to accommodate any changes to your wedding schedule.

On the day of, you don't have to worry about me skipping touchups because I'm rushing off to another wedding - you are my only priority!

Dylan&Virginia-Morning Prep-25.jpg

self-sufficient set up

Ample lighting, a high chair for makeup, and a surface to set up on are all things makeup artists and hairstylists need to do our jobs properly, so I make sure I have it all every single time!


✔︎ Up before the sun? I've got lights.

✔︎ No bar stools? No problem

✔︎ Don't have a ton of surface area? I've got my table.

All you need to provide is a desk or table-height chair for hair services. As for the rest, I've got it covered!

jennafer fenech makeup and hair

my actual equipment!

vegan & cruelty-free beauty


Don't get it twisted - this doesn't mean I'm carrying some obscure MLM brand. My kit is always evolving, but I love Charlotte Tilbury, Danessa Myricks, Urban Decay, Face Atelier, and Tower 28 for makeup. For hair, I use Aveda, AG Care, Keune, Unite, and Color Wow.

Choosing products that align with my values is important to me, but they also have to perform - only products that meet both of those standards make it into my pro kit.

I have no desire to come across as "clean", "non-toxic", or any other greenwashed marketing terms, I just have a deep love for animals. 


Speaking of animals... I hope you enjoyed this picture of my dogs! 




the cutest dogs in the world

kit clean as f***

A lot of artists create beautiful work, but have you ever wondered how clean their tools and products are?

My best practices for a sanitary application include:

✔︎ using a clean, separate brush set for each client

✔︎ sponges are never reused - you keep it, or I toss it

✔︎ powders are sanitized between applications

✔︎ disposables are used wherever appropriate

✔︎ liquid and cream products are transferred to a clean, metal palette - no double dipping

You deserve a true professional that cares as much about infection control as they do about the final look!

a practical memento 

Professional hair and makeup is secure and long lasting, but it's never a bad idea to have a little backup just in case!

Inside your little cotton pouch you'll find:

✨ bobby pins (if booked for hair)

✨ lipstick or gloss touch-up

✨ your beauty sponge with a light layer of powder

Not just for the bride - everyone booked for makeup services gets a touch-up kit!

I'm a graduate of Sheridan College's Makeup for Media and Creative Arts program, and the Aveda Institute & Academy Hairstyling program, but my training started years before I pursued formal education.


While I didn't receive a diploma for skipping class to braid my friends' hair in high school, or for becoming the unofficial hair & makeup artist on my competitive cheer teams, that was the true gateway into this career.

I worked my first wedding back in 2016, and I've been in love ever since!

I currently reside in Milton, ON with my husband Jonathan, our rescue dogs Benny and Nico, my brother John, and his rescue dog Luna. I'm also obsessed with the following (in varying degrees and in no particular order):


  • houseplants

  • pasta

  • RuPaul's Drag Race

  • Beyoncé

  • catching up with my besties

  • dance classes

  • musicals

  • brunch with Jonathan

  • vintage furniture

about me

jennafer fenech makeup artist and hairstylist

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