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frequently asked questions

  • How many services can you accommodate? Do you have a team?
    I can accommodate up to 6 services (6 hours) in a single booking on my own. One person receiving both hair and makeup counts as 2 services. I don't have an official "team", but I might be able to coordinate one additional artist to assist with your booking, provided I can offer them a minimum of 4 services. With a second artist, I can accommodate a maximum of 12 services (6 hours) in a single booking. You wouldn't need to make separate payments to them or sign a second contract - I will organize all of that on my end! That being said, the list of artists I trust is short. If the artists in my network are unavailable, you may need to hire additional help separately. To ensure that everyone receives the same level of service, I do not bring on anyone I haven't worked with before - no crusty makeup kits or half-assed services on my watch! Any bridal services booked will always be taken care of by me personally.
  • What time will we need to start?
    That will depend on the number of services booked and the time you need to be ready, but the earliest possible start time I am able to accommodate is 6:00AM (for your sake, and mine).
  • How long is each service?
    In general, each service (hair or makeup) is booked for 1 hour. Previews are booked for 90 minutes each. Mini Hair and Grooming are booked for 30 mins each. Clip-in extension installation will add 20 mins to a hair service.
  • How much time do I need to budget for hair and makeup on my wedding day?
    At a minimum, the number of services you have booked = the number of hours I need to get everyone ready on the wedding day (add-on services also add-on extra time to that number). For example: 6 hair + 1 mini hair = 6.5 hours 5 makeup = 5 hours 3 hair + 3 makeup = 6 hours For bookings of 8 services or more where a second artist is brought on, the time is usually cut in half (e.g. 10 services ÷ 2 artists = 5 hours). PLEASE NOTE: The start and end time I provide does not include any time for you to get dressed, take photos, or make your way to the venue. I always recommend planning for the last service to end at least 1 hour before you need to be out the door, or at your photographers arrival time.
  • Are your service times negotiable?
    In order for me to produce the level of work you see in my portfolio, my service times are firm. Trust me, the last thing you want on your wedding day is to rush anything. The day will go by so fast - you'll want some time to breathe and take it all in! While I will never win an award for the being fastest artist, quality and attention to detail will always be my top priorities.
  • How do bridal previews work?
    For the previews included in the bridal rate, I will reach out 8 weeks before your wedding so we can arrange your preview appointment. A lot can happen to your skin and hair (not to mention your overall vision) in the months leading up to the big day, so I like to schedule them to take place about 4-6 weeks before your wedding date. Timing it this way will give us the most accurate idea of what we'll be working with, and give you time to search for hair/makeup inspiration.
  • Can I book a preview before securing my wedding date?
    Of course! However, this would be in addition to the preview we will do 4-6 weeks before your date should you decide to book. Please note that booking a preview individually does not not hold your wedding date. A signed contract and 50% non-refundable retainer is still required.
  • I trust you and I'm really not that picky, can I book bridal services without a preview?
    Thanks so much, but no. I am a perfectionist who is just not comfortable with winging it on your wedding day. If the hair and makeup you had in mind doesn't end up looking the way you thought it would, we might not have time to fix it. And then what? You go out there with something you think looked better in your head?? On what will likely be the most photographed day of your life??? Not on my watch. Previews allow you to see what your vision will look like in real life. Even if you only want to make small tweaks, this allows us to work those out ahead of time without all of the pressure. Even if you don't request any changes, I always walk away from previews with notes of how I could make it even better, and I want to be able to do that for you too!
  • Where do previews take place?
    I will come to you! Once you know where you want to host the preview, I can let you know whether or not there is a travel fee associated with your location (only applies to addresses outside of my 50km service radius). If I didn't have 3 disruptive rescue dogs living under my roof I might consider a home studio, but alas, all of my services are mobile.
  • Can I schedule my preview to coincide with my bridal shower/engagement photos?
    Is it allowed? Yes :) Does the timing usually work out? No :( Although bridal showers traditionally take place 4-6 weeks before the wedding, they also traditionally take place on a weekend when I am booked with other weddings. Most of the brides I've worked with have already had their engagement photos taken by the time they book with me or they are planned too far outside of the 4-6 week window. For those getting married during peak wedding season, previews are typically booked Monday-Thursday between 10:00am and 8:00pm.
  • Why do you call it a "preview" instead of a "trial"?
    Might seem strange (the change is new for me too), but I just find it to be more accurate! It's rare that my clients book a trial before securing their wedding date, so it's more about me bringing your hair/makeup vision to life and less about me auditioning for the role as your hair/makeup artist.
  • I already hired a makeup artist, can I still book you for hair (or vice versa)?
    Of course! If you only need me for one or the other, I'm still happy to be on the team.
  • Do you have a booking minimum?
    Yes I do! A minimum of 1 bride + 3 attendant services are required to book more than a month in advance. To bring on a second artist, a minimum of 1 bride + 7 attendant services is required.
  • Do you charge a travel fee?
    Travel to locations within a 50km drive (or 100km roundtrip) of my home in Milton, ON is included my rates. Check out my services page for a visual. For locations further than that, I charge $1/km, minus the 50km, each way (e.g. 160km total roundtrip - 100km included travel = $60 travel fee). If an additional artist is brought on to help, their travel fee will be calculated at the same rate, but from their individual place of residence. The rates below include some rough travel estimates from Milton, but please note that they not official quotes. Please include an address along with your inquiry for an accurate quote. HALTON Milton, Halton Hills, Oakville, Burlington ($0) PEEL Mississauga, Brampton ($0) Caledon ($0 - $50) TORONTO Etobicoke ($0) Old Toronto, York ($0 - $40) North York ($10 - $50) East York, Scarborough ($40 - $80) YORK Vaughn, Richmond Hill ($0- $40) Markham ($20 - $60) GUELPH ($0 - $20) WATERLOO Kitchener, Waterloo ($20 - $60) SIMCOE COUNTY Barrie ($100 - $150) HAMILTON ($0 - $40) NIAGARA Grimsby ($0 - $20) Lincoln ($30 - $60) Niagara-on-the-Lake ($100 - $130) Port Colborne ($130 - $150)
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    Payment is accepted via Interac eTransfer or credit card.
  • Do you provide hair and makeup services outside of weddings?
    I would love to do your hair and makeup if you have another special event or photo session! However, all bookings May through November must still meet my booking minimum (see my services page for details). If you are inquiring for fewer services further in advance and I'm still available at the time, I will add you to a waitlist and let you know if the date is still open three weeks your event, or if the date is filled with a wedding booking sooner than that.
  • What products do you use in your kit?
    My kit is always evolving, but some of my favourite makeup brands are Face Atelier, Charlotte Tillbury, RCMA, Danessa Myricks, Urban Decay and INGLOT. For hair, I use Aveda, AG Care, Keune, & Unite. All products in my kit are vegan & cruelty-free!
  • You also do hair, but your website and instagram handle is "jenndidmymakeup"???
    Makeup was my first love, but I am also a licensed hairstylist! When I started to pursue hair, I thought about changing it, but "jenndidmymakeupandhair" is too long and just doesn't sound as good! If it ain't broke, don't fix it... am I right? People often ask if I have a preference, but I love both equally!
  • Can I see a picture of your dogs??
    I thought you'd never ask...
  • I think I like you, what are the next steps?
    You're making me blush! Please fill out the inquiry form here, and I will let you know ASAP if am able to accommodate your booking. From there, I will contact you to set up a phone consultation so we can talk details. A signed service agreement and non-refundable 50% retainer must be paid via credit card or Interac eTransfer to secure all bookings.
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