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5 Wedding Morning Tips from a Professional Hair & Makeup Artist

So, the big day is approaching and you want to make sure everything runs smoothly. In my experience, wedding mornings can be a little chaotic and unpredictable, but these 5 tips will set you up for a more successful morning:

1. Have everyone arrive at the start time

I book one hour for each service, but depending on the desired look, amount of hair, etc, some may take more or less time. Having everyone present at the start time will ensure that there is always someone ready to go in the event that the service times fluctuate a bit, and you'll have extra hands to help with any last minute wedding preparations. With that being said...

2. BE flexible with your schedule

A mistake that causes people to run behind all too often is being too rigid with their schedule. For example, they have put Mom in the second time-slot, but Mom is still out picking up catering and is 15 mins away. If we have to wait on Mom before continuing with the schedule then we may fall behind. She will probably rush in frantically, need to change, grab some coffee, and spend the time we should be using on a consultation for hair/makeup apologizing and explaining why she was running late. At this point, we could be 30 mins into her appointment so we would either need to cut corners somewhere, or run behind.

There is always potential for unexpected hiccups on your wedding morning, but one way to turn this into a non-issue is to have someone else sit down in the hair/makeup chair in her place. That way the schedule keeps moving, Mom can take her time and drive over safely, and no one's service is rushed!

3. Plan to Be ready before "getting-ready" photos

Schedule the posed pictures in your matching robes/PJs for after hair and makeup. You don't want to pull anyone out of the chair before they are finished to be in "getting-ready" photos. Not only will this cause a delay in the schedule, but your photos will look much better if everyone's hair and makeup is complete.

When in doubt, always consult with your photographer to see how much time they budget for those photos and we can plan our start and end time accordingly.


- Don't wear a shirt you have to pull over your head to remove - a satin robe, button up or a dress you can step out of is best!

- High necks or chunky collars will rub up against your hair so avoid these too

- Socks & bras - make sure to remove your socks and/or bras a few hours before heading out to avoid any skin indentations that may be visible in your wedding attire

5. Steam your clothing before hair and makeup

Steamers are tiny humidity machines that have the potential to knock hours off of the longevity of your hair & makeup. Although the products and techniques I use are designed to be long lasting, close contact with a direct stream of hot vapour is not recommended.

Steam your garments the night before, or delegate that responsibility to someone who has not yet had their hair & makeup done.

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