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Choosing Wedding Hair Inspiration: 101

The is no shortage of images to choose from on the world wide web, so knowing where to start when looking for wedding hair inspiration can be overwhelming. Before you fall into a Pinterest rabbit hole looking for references to show your hairstylist, here are my top 5 tips to help narrow things down:

1. Find photos of hairstyles that match your hair colour

Lighter, or highlighted hair will show more texture and dimension, while hair that is a solid dark colour will usually have more shine and look more polished.

This just comes down to the way different colours reflect light, so its best to look at hairstyles where the model has the same colour as you to get the best idea of how it will translate.

One is not better than the other, just different!

Both hairstyles by Jennafer Fenech Makeup & Hair

TIP: Get specific in the search bar - for example, type in "low bun on blonde hair" or "soft waves on dark hair" to narrow down your options.

2. Consider the density & length of your hair

Unless you're planning on incorporating extensions, those Hollywood waves or the big party pony won't pack the same punch if you have if you have shorter/low density hair.

Similarly, if you have really long or thick hair but want a neat bun the size of an orange, you'll likely have to settle for something closer to a small pineapple.

If you want to avoid falling in love with a style that might not be realistic, reach out to your hairstylist with a clear photo of your current hair and your inspiration photo. It can be hard to know for sure without seeing your hair in person, but they may be able to give you some recommendations to help you get closer to your goal!

3. don't underestimate the weather

So if your wedding is in August, and you know your naturally curly hair expands in the heat, you may be better off rocking your natural texture. That, or a super smooth upstyle where your hair isn't as exposed to the elements.

Have straight hair that is resistant to holding a curl? An upstyle will probably look better longer than a bouncy, all-down style that will likely flatline over time.

The right amount of hairspray can work wonders on a regular day, but too much can cause hair to tangle and get ratty real fast in high humidity.

Despite anyone's best efforts, there is always a risk that your hair could revert to it's natural state in wet or humid conditions.

If you have your heart set on a specific style that may be challenged by Mother Nature, you could still do it, but be warned that it may look very different at last call.

4. FIND INSPIRATION from your hairstylist's portfolio

Hopefully you've hired your stylist because you've seen and love their work. By choosing something from their Instagram page or website, you can ensure that they know how to execute that style.

If they haven't showcased the specific style you're considering, you can certainly expand your search, but try not to choose something too far removed from the style they advertise.


You don't have to grow out your hair if you prefer it short. You don't have to wear it in an updo because your mom said so.

You aren't limited to choosing something that Pinterest labels as "wedding hair" if that isn't your jam. Maybe you watched a movie and saw your dream hair, or someone wore it on a red carpet.

Look for a photo reference in places you feel inspired!

We've all experienced the drama of a bad hair day. When your hair doesn't look or feel right, you just don't have as much pep in your step. On such an important day, you should choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and confident (or be stuck with those photos forever).

Me, walking the talk on my own wedding day with my signature bob.

To close it out

Even if you aren't set on a specific style, having a photo or two as a reference is crucial. Words like "texture", "messy", "sleek", "beachy", "bouncy", etc. can be helpful when trying to nail down the look you want, but they can all be interpreted in many different ways. Having a photo ensures you and your hairstylist are speaking the same language, and gives you a jumping off point even if you aren't 100% sure what you want.

And with that, happy scrolling!

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